Crew member Tuany

Tuany is a cleaner from Rosebery in New South Wales

Something that people would find surprising about me is…

perfectionist and agile.

A few of my favourite things to do are…

organize and clean.

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9 days ago

Tunny did a wonderful job but needs ta address two issues, 1) please when you wipe the mirrors make sure you don’t leave streaks. 2) when washing the floors use water with the solution it stops the floors from being sticky.

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14 days ago

Overall the result was ok for a first clean. Appreciate that it was quite a big job but a few things overlooked. Lovely lady and arrived right on time. The shower screens, mirrors in the bathroom and on the wardrobes were all left smeared, not sure what cleaning product was used. Kitchen benches were also left smeared. Kitchen sink hadn’t been cleaned, and dusting wasn’t completed (you could see where things hadn’t been moved and just swiped around them a bit). Shower tiles had not been scrubbed properly, just wiped down.

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23 days ago

Clean was ok, but not to the standard we used to have when we first used Tidy Me a few years ago. Things like clean dishes in drying rack put away, tea towel hung up neatly on oven, bin liner put in the bin after rubbish is taken out. Higher attention to detail is expected after having used your services before and being blown away!

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