What are your neighbours in Surry hills saying?

1 day ago

Marcela did an amazing job as always. Would recommend to anyone

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2 days ago

The clean overall was very good there were just a couple of minor issues which I thought were worth raising. The soap sum in the shower wasn't cleaned (and we have a product purchased just for this purpose) and so I had to clean this when I got home (as it also wasn't done during the previous clean so it was starting to build up). The inside of the toilet also was not cleaned (and it wasn't the previous clean either), but when I went to look for the toilet cleaner I noticed that we seemed to have run out (the bottle was no longer there so I assume was thrown out when empty by a previous cleaner). If a cleaner uses the last of a product it would be helpful if they left us a note to let us know that we have run out of a certain product. Otherwise, I see a certain area which hasn't been cleaned and I assume that they have missed it, rather than the real reason which is them not cleaning it because the product has run out (which I appreciate is not their fault). I don't use the products so I hardly ever check them so it would help if the person using them could inform us if we need to replace something so they can complete the clean. It would also assist if they threw out the bottle once it is empty as I have had other cleaners leave empty bottles in there so then when I do check, I see that the bottle is still there so I assume it still has product in it. Thanks!

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4 days ago

Absolutely fantastic!!

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TidyMe Eco Friendly Top Home Cleaning Services Home Cleaners
TidyMe Eco Friendly Top Home Cleaning Services Home Cleaners
TidyMe Eco Friendly Top Home Cleaning Services Home Cleaners

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