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Trusted, fully verified company.

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Join a great community.

Get regular work in your local area.

Choose your schedule.

How does it work?

Be part of Australia's best home cleaning team.

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Be part of TidyMe Crew.

When you become a TidyMe Crew member, you become part of an exclusive club that has access to the best, regular cleaning jobs in Australia.

Highly reputable company.

When you work with TidyMe, you benefit from the gold standard reputation that we have built up amongst customers. Customers look forward to having you in their homes and will give you glowing reviews.

We're family.

Once you become a TidyMe crew member, you're family. We have a great group of top rated home cleaners, host regular social gatherings and great team benefits like monthly prizes and friendly competitions.

Choose your location and hours.

Choose the locations that suit you best and choose the hours that fit into your life.

Get local jobs.

No need for a car. No need to travel long distances. You don't need to carry heavy cleaning equipment so you can either walk or take public transport to and between jobs.

Build a regular work schedule.

Build a regular roster of customers to fit your schedule. You will only be offered jobs at the times that you want to work. TidyMe gives you freedom and flexibility.

It's so easy to start!

Start earning money in just 3 steps.

1. Click on 'Apply'.

This is the first and most important step. Please complete the online application or we cannot consider you as a cleaner.

You must have a valid ABN to apply. Getting one is free and takes less than 15 minutes. Click here to get started.

2. Do trial clean.

We send you on a trial clean with one of our best crew members. This is the time for you to show us how great you are!

3. Start working!

Start accepting jobs and building your schedule. You'll love working with TidyMe - we guarantee you that.

We've got your back

TidyMe is a reliable and fully verified platform.

Fully insured.

We can link you up with an insurer to cover you for just $8 a week making sure that every job that you go to is fully insured.

No car or equipment needed.

All our our homeowners provide vacuums and mops - so no need to lug around heavy equipment. How's that for convenience?

A fun and caring work community.

You are not just cleaning houses, you are becoming part of the TidyMe family. Meet new friends from all over the world, share experiences and most importantly, have fun.

We want you!
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